martes, 12 de diciembre de 2017

Poema “Heart dejected” de Mery Larrinua

Poema “Heart dejected” de Mery Larrinua

Sera publicado en el mes de Enero, 2018

en la revista virual:  QUTUB MINAR REVIEW– An International Literary Magazine


Heart dejected

I was the contempt of his soul
when love decided to grow
pulling hard from my chest
My depressed heart I could not stop.
For the narrow way you dragged it
without mercy, with fury the silence fell
at your feet in an unshakable plea
with the cry that is offered without reason.
And what my surprise
when I rose to his eyes
in front of my two tears shed
the words that were choking anxious
freely the air dispersed.

By  Mery Larrinua


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